Let's Get Charged Up!

Industrial Rhythm specializes in providing high energy openers, closers and general session entertainment for meetings, conferences, trade shows, product launches, and galas. Our show is a high energy urban movement of hip hop and break dance, while drumming on everyday objects using drumsticks.

We customize every performance according to your theme, while incorporating your company products as show props. This unique twist is a great way to highlight the company, complimented by a fun and explosive show. Each member of Industrial Rhythm is an experienced professional.


Conferences are a great way for a company to kick off their special event. With Industrial Rhythm, the energy of the event rises high. By adding the live performance element of powerful drumming and dance to your conference, you will have your attendees’ attention at all times. Our show and entertainment segments are tailored to keep the energy levels high throughout the entire  meeting.

We include:

  • Ice breakers
  • Customized sales pitch routine
  • Early morning kick-offs
  • Introduction of speakers/CEO
  • Coffee breaks
  • Waiter routines
  • Team building activities
  • High energy closers
  • Dinner entertainment

When your attendees leave the conference, you want them to leave excited and supercharged.

Team Building Drumming

Communication through rhythm is a great way to let people express themselves and feel a sense of unity. Industrial Rhythm's team building leaders showcase how to work in unison by using simple hand clap rhythms, custom branded drumsticks and select props within our exercise.

Rhythm is universal. It does not matter where you are from or what language you speak. We use audience interaction in our performance to motivate and refresh the energy of the employees so that they become more productive. Everyone can feel one thing and that's the power of rhythm.

Trade Shows

If you would like to stand out and attract customers to your trade show booth, Industrial Rhythm will make it happen. We have performed at numerous trade shows and corporate events nationally and internationally to attract huge crowds. This is great because we can be mobile with our props and entertainment segments. We can customize our performance by using what we have in your trade show booth. We can also perform throughout the day, so the attention is always there.

Product Launches

We customize every product launch, since every company is different. Product launches need a new spark. They need a twist that will make their event or message memorable. If your event is memorable, then your product will be too.

Industrial Rhythm studies your product and effectively inserts the message or theme to attract unique attention towards your product. We want people to have a sense of connection with the new product launch. So, we create and implement the best ideas to make sure your product creatively stands out.


Industrial Rhythm is also up for the extravagant, sparkling galas that bring out the best in people. Who doesn’t love attending them? We love lighting up people’s mood at galas. They are fun to host. If you are looking to do something fun, creative, and out-of-the-box, then we are totally up for it!